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    Handmade wind chimes in precious rust

    Filigree worked and covered by a noble rust, our metal wind chimes are an enrichment for your garden decoration. For example, hang a model on your favorite tree or on the porch of your terrace. You will see how beautifully the individual elements move in the wind. Of course, the rust-red jewels are also suitable for beautifying your balcony or living rooms.

    How about a metal wind chime as a gift for a good friend? The elaborately lasered decoration is perfect as a souvenir for the next visit or as a small birthday surprise.

    3 products
    Edelrost-Windspiel für Garten-Dekoration: charmantes Vogel-Design und einzigartige Windspiel-Ideen
    Stilvolle Windspiel-Metall-Deko: edelrost Vogel-Windspiel für Terrassen und Outdoor-Bereiche
    Garden decoration vintage hanging wind chime with bird | stainless steel decoration for home and garden
    9,90 €
    Edelrost Schmetterling Windspiel - rostige Gartendeko, Metall-Klangspiel, außergewöhnliches Design, Gartenkunst
    Rostiger Metall-Schmetterling Windspiel - stilvolle Gartendeko, harmonische Klänge, einzigartige Rostoptik, Hängedekoration
    Stainless steel garden decoration wind chime with butterfly | vintage hanging decoration for garden and home
    9,90 €
    Pferd-Windspiel aus Edelrost: Stilvolle Gartendeko, ideal für Terrasse, Garten und Pferdefreunde
    Hanging decoration wind chime with horse | stainless steel garden decoration vintage
    9,90 €
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