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    Stylish lighting with our lanterns

    Place a candle or LED light in the lantern and enjoy the warm and atmospheric light that shines through the glass or cut-out patterns. Our lanterns are not only decorative, but also functional. They protect the light from wind and rain and ensure that the flame does not go out. Use our lanterns as stylish lighting for your garden party, outdoor dinner or cozy evenings at home. They also make a wonderful gift for your loved ones or a beautiful decoration for special occasions like birthdays, weddings or holidays. Add a special touch to your home or garden with our lanterns. 💫

    1 product
    Robuste Rost Deko Laterne aus Metall für eine gemütliche Atmosphäre in Haus und Garten, mit Industrial Look und natürlicher Rostpatina.
    Handgefertigte Metall Laterne mit natürlichem Rost für eine gemütliche Wohn- und Gartendeko, schützt Ihre Kerze durch Glas vor Wind und Wetter.
    Stainless steel metal lantern wind lantern in different sizes
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