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    Cozy evenings with our fire baskets

    Make yourself cozy with our handmade fire baskets from Rostikal. Our fire baskets are not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher in your garden or on your terrace. They are made of high quality metal and finished with a natural rust patina. This gives each fire basket a unique look and makes it a special decorative element in your outdoor space. In addition, our fire baskets are very stable and sturdy, so you can safely light a cozy fire without any worries.

    They are also perfect for camping trips or outdoor picnics. Fire baskets are available in a variety of designs and sizes, so you're sure to find the right fire basket for your needs. Whether you're planning a romantic evening for two or a social gathering with friends, our fire baskets will create a cozy and atmospheric ambiance. Light the fire and enjoy the warmth and the flickering of the flames! 🔥

    8 products
    Stainless steel fire pot made of metal for bioethanol
    from 25,10 €
    Edelrost Säule mit Feuerstelle: rustikale und stilvolle Gartendekoration für warme Begegnungen
    Metall-Feuersäule mit Bioethanol-Befeuerung, 100 cm - Stimmungsvolle Atmosphäre im Garten oder auf der Terrasse
    Metal fire column "Orela" | stainless steel garden decoration vintage
    from 80,57 €
    Metal fire column with insert for fire gel | garden decoration vintage deco column
    from 100,74 €
    Stainless steel decorative and fire ball Ø 30 cm
    from 80,57 €
    Edelrost Feuertonne, Metall Flammen-Design, Feuerkorb für Garten, stilvolle Outdoor-Feuerstelle, Dekoration
    Rostige Metall-Feuertonne, Flammendesign, Gartendeko, gemütliche Atmosphäre für Outdoor-Abende
    Metal fire barrel | flames fire basket garden decoration
    201,58 €
    Rost Metall Feuerkorb: stilvolle Feuerstelle mit Rissen für Garten, Terrasse & Outdoor
    Metal fire basket | garden decoration grate fire pit
    201,58 €
    Edelrost Feuersäule Kuh, Metall Feuerstelle, Gartendeko, rustikale Kuh-Silhouette, gemütliches Ambiente
    Kuh-Design Feuersäule, Edelrost Metall, dekorative Gartenfeuerstelle, langlebig, einzigartige Optik
    Fire basket with cow head for garden and terrace | steel fire column grate
    201,58 €
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